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Art & Design

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Art & Design

At Birkby Junior School we appreciate the importance of creative learning and want all pupils to value their own creativity, however it manifests itself. Art & Design and Design Technology are taught separately to ensure children are given a wide range of opportunities to develop their techniques and creative skills; experimenting with different kinds of art, craft and design. Across all year groups this is achieved through observational drawing with a wide range of wet and dry mediums, sculpting, modelling, printing, collage, painting and using digital art technology.

We believe it is important that children value the purpose art serves and so encourage our pupils to use their developing skills confidently and regularly in a range of subject areas as well as in art lessons. A structured progression of skills and knowledge is in place and is followed as pupils progress through our school.

We aim to make art relevant and engaging for all pupils, allowing all children to access creative learning suited to their own personal needs. Sequences of lessons over a number of weeks lead to a final piece of work using a specific skill; for example, a Victorian silhouette portrait to develop drawing, printed tile designs to develop understanding of printing, a painted townscape in the style of Lowry to improve paint application. Children regularly practice, improve and evaluate their own artwork and ideas in personal sketch books. These sketch books move through school with the children and become a record of achievement when they eventually leave us. Our Year 6 children all take part in the Art Council Arts Award Discovery programme, which allows them to share their creativity and critical thinking and achieve an award at the same time.

In line with National Curriculum expectations, our art lessons regularly include learning about great artists; architects and designers in history, from a range of cultures and backgrounds. Throughout the learning year, visits are made to support creative learning, including local and regional Art Galleries and sculpture sites. Wherever possible we invite practicing artists and designers into school to share their knowledge, the most recent being Digital Artist, Mike Barret. As a school we take part each year in the National Drawing Campaign Big Draw and hold theme-based Art Weeks in summer to celebrate our budding artists’ abilities, which we showcase in a gallery for parents and our community to enjoy.

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