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2021 Bronze Education Accreditation

We are committed to promoting active and sustainable travel to and from school. It’s proven that pupils who do some form of exercise before school do better in class because they arrive refreshed and ready to learn. Walking to school is good for your health and mental wellbeing, plus, you’ll be helping to reduce traffic and pollution near our school.

We have been awarded a Bronze level Modeshift STARS accreditation which recognises our success in implementing an active and sustainable travel plan.


WOW Walk to School Challenge

As part of our school travel plan, we participate in Living Streets’ WOW - Walk to School Challenge. This is a scheme which encourages more children to use active methods of travelling to school such as walking, cycling, scooting or park and stride. The children input their mode of transport on our online travel tracker and receive monthly badges if they are able to use an active mode of transport once a week for an entire month.

Additional information can be found on Living Streets’ website:  https://www.livingstreets.org.uk/walk-to-school


Park and Stride

We recognise that it is not possible for all children to walk to school. However, it is still possible for these children to park and stride which involves parking a short distance from and walking the rest of the journey.

The map below gives estimated walking time from different locations in our local area. This can also be found in the travel information booklet at the bottom of the page.

Park and stride
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