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Birkby Junior School-168

Clothing and Jewellery

We encourage all pupils to wear our school uniform. Many of the items listed below are available in high street shops and supermarkets. Items with our school logo are available at specialist school uniform shops:

  • Natasha’s - 2 Buxton Way, New Street, Huddersfield
  • Term Time Wear – 5 St John’s Road, Huddersfield, HD1 5AY

No jewellery is allowed for health and safety reasons, with the exception of wristwatches and stud earrings, which must be the responsibility of the wearer.

Girls Boys
Red school sweatshirt or cardigan with logos Red school sweatshirt with logo
Plain red sweatshirt or cardigan (no brand logos) Plain red sweatshirt (no brand logos)
White or grey polo shirt White or grey polo shirt
White or grey shirt White or grey shirt
Grey trousers or pinafore Grey Shalwar Kameez
Grey or red Shalwar Kameez Grey or black trousers
Sensible black shoes Sensible black shoes


Elastic fronted pumps, a plain red or white T-shirt, black shorts/leggings with a pump bag for storage are needed for PE lessons.  Black tracksuit bottoms, socks and trainers are needed for outdoor games.  Headscarves and watches are to be removed during PE on Health & Safety grounds.


Your child will need the following equipment:-

  • One piece swimsuit (girls)
  • Swimming trunks (boys) – loose boxer or Bermuda style shorts may not be worn
  • Swimming caps which can be bought from school at a cost of £1.00

It is essential that all items of uniform are clearly named.

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