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Online Safety


Whilst your child is learning remotely from home, it is likely that they will be spending much more time online than they normally do. It is therefore important that your child behaves safely whilst they are online during the school day and you support them with this. Please read the rules and expectations we have put in place to support safe online behaviour.

Code of conduct for remote learning and rules regarding technology:

  • I will only use school technology for school purposes as directed by my teacher;
  • I will only take part in ‘live’ streaming (morning Zooms) or class forums if an adult knows that I am doing it;
  • I will not reveal my passwords to anyone;
  • I will be responsible for my behaviour and actions when using technology (Zoom, DB primary and other interactive applications), this includes the resources I access and the language I use;
  • I will make sure that all my communication with students, teachers or others using technology is responsible and sensible;
  •  I will not deliberately browse, download, upload or forward material that could be considered offensive or illegal. If I accidentally come across any such material I will report it immediately to my teacher or my parent;
  •  I will not share resources or videos created by my teachers with anyone who is not a pupil or member of staff at Birkby Junior School;
  • I will not record or take photos of my classmates or teachers during a face-to-face session;
  •  I will not share any school content on social media platforms;
  • I understand that when using Zoom, DB primary and other applications provided by the school that my use can be monitored and logged and can be made available to my teachers;
  • I will continue to follow the rules regarding my use of technology as outlined in the school’s ICT Acceptable User Agreement.

I understand that these rules are designed to help keep me safe and that if they are not followed, school sanctions will be applied and my parent may be contacted.

Morning Zoom Protocols:

  • Join the meeting every morning at 9am by clicking on your class’s link. Try to join as often as possible so that your class teacher can keep you updated on important school news and information;
  • Check that you have joined with your device’s internet audio settings but keep your video settings off;
  • Everyone should write their names in the profile so that your teacher knows who is present;
  • Please wait in the waiting room until your teacher lets you in;
  • Click on mute when you do not need to speak;
  • Use the ‘raise hand’ button if you would like to say something so that your teacher isn’t interrupted whilst speaking as it is very hard for them to hear you when everyone speaks at the same time;
  • Try to use the chat function to ask questions or to make comments but please make sure these are polite and respectful to others taking part;
  • Only use the chat function to communicate with the whole group or your teacher, it should not be used for direct conversations between individual members of the class;
  • Remember to use sensible behaviour and good manners during every zoom meeting, we expect everyone to behave just as you would in the classroom.
Online safety
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